The Diplomats
Hell Rell Freestyle
[Verse: Hell Rell]
N***a what cha money like I keep dough, E-Hole
Spice the track up like like adobo, sason, sofrito
My hitman Janito
He don't speak no English lingo
And he fresh off the plane from Puerto Rico
Find a n***a and kill em's the only thing that he know
He'll ring ya doorbell and pop you right through the peephole
Far as this ki go?
It's gone get stepped on, cooked up, broke down
Probably get distributed in yo' town
Block got me grinding, watch keeping me bright
N***a why I'm a knock ya hustle if mine treating me right
And a n***a too busy to get in some beef with a loser
Keep my b*t*h up out the bed just to sleep with my Ruger
Cause if I finger f**k my gun and play with her trigger
She ain't gone scream I don't feel like it today on a n***a
I'm sayin my n***a
This is real facts, real truth
I will shoot you then go rap about it in a real booth
Spit Hip-Hop heroin, liquid crack
Park the six next to ya five and tell deal with that
380's ain't gone do it fam switch to MACs
Before you talk sh*t or even think starting up a war
Plush condo in my bedroom, mink carpet on the floor
Two Spanish b*t*hes running round reckless and b*** naked
If you a ladies man I'll bury you with ya chick
If you a true hustler I'll bury you with a brick
See the streets is watching, more money, more haters
F**k 'em all keep flossing, more linen, more gators
I rap now, still hit the block for a buck
A thousand channels satellite on top of the truck
What's really good, n***a?!