The Diplomats
I’m Ready
[Intro: Juelz Santana (Cam'ron)]
Heatmakerz, Killa
Let's do it
This is it right here (come on man)
I feel good man, Taliban!
Diplomats.. come on!
Yeah, Jim Jones, where you at baby?
Juelz Santana (I feel good right now man)
This is music right here
Once again where you at
I feel like Rocky or something, man

[Verse 1: Juelz Santana]
Yo, they try to box me in the corner for the longest
No keys, lock me in this corner for the longest but
(I'm ready... I'm ready...)
Somehow I managed to creep from under the rock
Linking up with Cam, him linking up with the Roc now
(I'm ready... I'm ready...)
Sh*t I told you, I won't fail you n***as man (I got this)
Yo, this is powerful music I bring to the table
The sequel to Abel the way I slang 'caine cause
(I'm ready... I'm ready...)
Yo, y'all know I'm past then focus, in case you haven't noticed
Squeeze and blast 'em open as soon as the magnum opens
(I'm ready... I'm ready...)
Yeah I told you man, come on
Uh, Cam gon' make me a star, I'm gonna make him a million
Jones is here, we invading the building and
(I'm ready... I'm ready...)
Yeah Diplomat, for the last time we got this man
I'm still on the corner grinding for them big stacks
Big coke, big gat, don't ever forget that

[Verse 2: Jim Jones]
Yes sir, yes sir
Oh yeah n***a, yo
Ayo, my goal ain't to be number one on your charts
If it happens, so be it we come with the art (talent)
Everyone in my parks, they still moving
Holding jums in the front of the...
Yo, I do this sh*t sick, stuffy, congested
They don't give a f**k if you sick
You still get cuffed and arrested (click clank)
My justice is wretched
You get knocked down
Please, grab your crutches, keep stepping (Frankie!)
'Cause the game we done held back too long
The pain we done felt that too long
Cocaine, we done dealt that too long
And my pops it don't help that you gone
Myself should move on (woooo!)
It's scary and I'm gonna need help (yep!)
Streets fluster me
Dogs, marijuana don't help (NO!)
Fiends, junkies in the corner don't help
Knee deep in my grave on these blocks
I'm a goner myself, but

[Verse 3: Cam'ron]
Huh, Killa (Killa..)
I'm here y'all
Huh, I'm ready, I'm ready
Huh, hey, yo
What up buzzing, buzzing? Birds, flip a dozen dozen
Holla at your boy, boy you thought your cousin wasn't
(Huh, I'm ready, yes sir, here we go now)
Jim Jones c'est ce bon, Santana magnifique
Y'all n***as know holla at me if it's any beef
(Yes sir, gats, guns, knives...)
I know it's vice versa
We like murder we come thick in the truck
But yo, if you got b*t*hes to f**k
Hit me up dog
(Yeah, I'm ready, uh)
Far as lyrics go, they rocking recitals
It won't stop 'til I'm on top with the t**le
Hustling, no stopping the cycle, I'm shopping for rifles
I'm not for the idols
The Twin Towers, dog
We on top of the Eiffel like
La Pisa Pisa, eating a piece of pizza
You can't be where I be dog, you need a visa
Come on, chief on reefer
Please believe it
I will squeeze and leave ya
All bullets they will heat and seek ya
Harlem World, I'ma swell my town
You a clown you can't tell by now, that I'm...
Huh, yeah I'm ready, I'm ready
[Outro: Jim Jones]
What do y'all expect man? (I'm ready)
We're coming for the t**le (holla)
You here with us A
Dipset, Taliban
Juelz Santana, bandana (Killa)
B's up (Freekey)
Jim Jones, Capo status (holla)
Guru, it's a wrap