The Diplomats
I Love You
[Intro: Juelz Santana]
Yeah, Dipset n***a! Luca!
F**k with your boy, one more time (YEAH!)
Uh huh, Santana
F**k with your boy, you know
Yeah, I'm feeling like Rocky again, man
It's a new fight, OH!

[Verse 1: Juelz Santana]
People say my theories is backwards
I tell them, sincerely, it's clearly, you, hearing me backwards, ay!
I tell 'em I'm great, but still I need practice
I tell them to wait
Go and comeback quick, they don't understand me
It's not logic, I'm not logic, got problems
I worship the late prophet, the great Muhammad, Ali
For the words he spoke, that stung like a bee
Soaked into me, you f**kers'll see but, still I'm insane
I'm Rodman, dealing my brain
I'm grinding, sharing my pain, sh*t, where is the fame?
My n***as, they still rhyming, still in the game
Still grinding, dealing the 'caine
Still popping sh*t at your brain, homie
I still smell the rotten people that lay
Down in ground zero, forgotten, left there for days
Probably left there to stay, left to decay
Broken pieces of towers, left as their graves, ay!
I pray, let them be saved 'til then, that's just a suggestion I made
You follow me homie? Listen, I subjected my ways
The cocaine, weapons that spray, at your, face motherf**ker
It's Santana the Great, motherf**ker
In the place motherf**ker, stay away motherf**ker
'Cause, I'm headed straight to the top, motherf**ker
Diplomat Taliban, slash ROC, motherf**ker!
And yeah, I do this for my block motherf**kers
D train, Al Gator, pop motherf**ker
Young drugs, young twins, Shiest bug
The n***as I love, my n***as, my thugs, WHOA!
Now, come f**k with your boy
Jones, Killa, Freekey, come f**k with your boy, WHOA!
It's Santana again, no bandana
Just him, in the flesh motherf**ker like

[Interlude: Juelz Santana (Cam'ron)]
Yeah, yeah (gotta get pa** this)
C'mon (Knahmean? I gotta get this out)
F**k with your boy (let's do it my n***a
This touch my heart right here, man)
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh - OH!

[Verse 2: Cam'ron]
(Killa, Killa..)
Yo, I seen in time, business and friendship
Well f**k it, friendship get ended, business attended
Clips get extended
Lawyers get called, accountants get faxed
That was my man, well I wish that he meant it, f**k it
It's been a long time, hearing the mobsters
This ain't overnight, it's years in the process
Shed a tear in the process, now process is over
All my n***as get prepared for the Oscars
Back to the block, sharing a lobster
Maurice Malone, Sam Malone, preparing the vodka, holla
Hallelujah, no hum-du-allah, but respect to my Akki
Held me down, when sh*t got real rocky
Hustling, isn't a hobby
I sit in the lobby, look at my Ivy, have visions of Gotti
Visions of Lottie, pictures of Blood, scenes of L
I wanna see my son, p*ss in that potty
Jimmy, I'm gon' make sure your wrist is real rocky
See my plans were long-term like Mr. Miyagi
Wax on, wax off, put our wax on, take that wack off
Over some nights, I had fights over the white
The road to the lows, I knows what it's like
Now, n***as' career over like Mike: anyone
Tyson, Jordan, Jackson, it's over, huh
[Outro: Cam'ron]
This sh*t right here touched my soul, man
My grandmother or something, 56 bless her soul
Apartment 56 that is, 101, West 140th Street
Rest In Peace Liddiah Giles, Bloodshed