The Diplomats
No Days Off
Its like no days off with this sh*t man, Come on

[Verse 1]
Crime rate back up, my mind stay backed up
Just opened a new spot, the line stay backed up
Piece still workin good, police still j*rk the hood
Keesh still boof her break, come home and work it good
I still got that big a** goose down
Case I ever gotta bring that big a** tool round
This sh*t is just one big a** zoo now, zoo town
Who knows who gon' be gunnin you down
I stay on heavy alert
Cause I know plenty of j*rks, wish me bad and send me the worse (yeah)
Send me the curse--but I told ya I'm a soldier
Rather be buried than hurt (sh*t), I'd rather be buried in dirt
Without a tombstone, just plenty of dirt (yeah)
That'll work, before the day I ever say
"Son I can't feed you, son I can't please you."
You'll never be the son of that evil
Cause I'll become somethin that evil, dumpin that Eagle
It's all chess moves, make ya best move
Cause the wrong one will cause you a flesh wound
And a wise man told me
"Don't date the days, cause a date don't change the days"
And flippin pages don't change the page
All that does is change the page (sh*t)
And that why we hold heat in these cold streets
Cause negros creep, I can't be low key
And these police, lean on me
Tell me I gotta pay, give 'em green or heat
Gon' take me to the bing for free
And my bail gon' be more than Chi-Ali's (yeah)
That's how these coppers work, they all rotten j*rks
Pigs, Uncle Toms and some Papa Smurfs

Thats how it goes down man
Still on the block, still doin' what the f**k we do
Told you it's no days off
You sleep, you gone

[Verse 2]
Now I'm sittin in this room stuffed, all boomed up (sh*t)
Not knowin what's who or who's what
I won't drink, so I'm sippin the water
High as f**k and my vision is tore up
And then I heard--I looked up and thought I saw B.I.G. in the corner
Then I knew the agenda, get it in order
But I was so used to givin the order, him gettin the order
His man delivers the order (yeah)
I'm all for this beef sh*t, it's war when the heat spit
Fact is, all we good for is this beef sh*t (yeah)
And so hood at this, so good at this
Coke pushin sh*t, sh*t, why would I quit?
You'll never see an easier dollar than when a fiend bring a dollar
Long as youre keepin that product (yup)
And I'm keepin that product, I dont gotta re-stock up
Let a drop come, I'm eatin the block up
I'm sellin weight customers packs
They fiendin the cop stuff and I know the drill, yeah I know it's real
You don't wanna have to shut down ya spot
And have ya fiends have to come down the block
Stop complanin, shut up now and c*ck (take that)
Cause I will set up down the block
And your strip'll be mine, ya Nicks'll be Dimes
I will set up now and rock
N***a, I told you man
Take a day off, you f**kin slippin n***a
And real n***as don't do that
You follow me?
Follow me
Ha ha (Yeah) Dipset b*t*h
It's a new movement goin on
Killa, Jim Jones, Freeky, JR...Bezel...Okay
It's all fallin into place!