The Diplomats
Let’s Go
[Intro: Marvin Gaye sample]
I've been really trying baby
Trying to hold back these feelings for so long
And if you feel, like I feel baby
C'mon ohhhh, c'mon woo
Let's get it on
Let's get it on n***a

[Intro: Cam'ron]
Aww man, let's get it on, man
Santana you on ya own, man
Hold the set down
We can get it on
Let's do it man, Dipset
We got these b*st*rds, man, let's do it

[Verse: Juelz Santana {sample}]
Uh, you n***as dealing with a G from the block
Yeah it's me from the block
Quick to tell a n***a {"let's get it on"}
But I don't really like to beef on the block
That brings heat to the block
I got to eat on the block, n***a
Yeah, you dealing with a pimp from the hood
Keep a chick from the hood
Quick to tell her, ay {"let's get it on"}
Come on, let's go
I'm trying to do it so, ay {"let's get it on"}
I'm one hell of a guy, fly pelican fly
Like Scarface, one hell of a high, sh*t
One hell of a ride that I drive
23's look like propellers on side
Who stunting like me?
Who fronting like me?
Who did it? Who get it?
Who done it like me? You?
Who wishing? Who fronting?
Who want it from me? You?
Come get it, you want it, it's nothing to me
And you, chumps already know how I feel
When it comes to the pump and the steel
It's like {"let's get it on"}
[Outro: Cam'ron {sample}]
You know what these wild boys tote
Tie 'em up with the cowboy ropes
So {"let's get it on..."}
Let's get it on y'all( I got 'em man)
Uhh, it's love
Hey ma, back that a** up
Looking back, I almost crashed up
So {"let's get it on"}
That's love right there, hit 'em one more time
{"Let's get it on..."}