The Diplomats
Real Ni***s (Interlude)
Freekey Zekey: Shorty over there, she's always f**kin' with these clown a** n***as. Look at here, look at here smillin' and laughin' all the front. Yo shorty, come here man! Hey yo, come here!

Monique Chandler: What's good Juelz?

Freekey Zekey: Nothin' ma', why you always over here f**kin' with these clown a** n***as, these cool techs a** n***as. Man you need to f**k with a n***a like me

Monique Chandler: So what make you so different n***a, you ain't rеal

Freekey Zekey: Rеal ? I'm motherf**kin' real, goddam it! I'm the realest motherf**kin' thing you ever see! Look at me, I define real b*t*h. You don't know nothing about reality 'til you see me baby

Monique Chandler: N***a, get the f**k out of here, you ain't real n***a

Freekey Zekey: What the f**k do you mean? I ain't real? You motherf**k didn't see these stone on my stomach motherf**ker! This mean street knowledge, that's what is it that I got. You ain't got motherf**kin' to do with the f**k I'm talkin' about. I'm real! Jailbird free, that's what I am right now! You hear me, you don't know nothin' about real! I as real, where you think Sammy Sosa took his motherf**kin' name from? Me! I was the Sosa, Linnick Avenue Sosa, that's who I was! You talkin' of my real, you all know nothin' about real, stinking hoe. Get the f**k out of here matter of fact!