The Diplomats
Dynasty Freestyle
[Intro: Cam'ron]
Uhh, you already know who it is, right?
D-Rugs, Candyman, Bloodshed
You know what the math on that is, right?
Killa, b*t*h, huh
Dipset, Harlem, Harlem...
It's almost back home, y'all
Jim Jones, Freekey Zekey
Ayo Santana, what is it, huh?

[Verse 1: Juelz Santana]
Ayo, lately I've been going through some family matters
My mother keep telling me "family matters"
I got this att**ude like, damn these matters
I'm grown now, I know how to handle matters
Chrome four four handle magnums
In case he run and now I don't get a chance to grab 'em dog
I'll catch you while you parallel parkin'
Gun in each hand start parallel sparkin'
Kill you and your man put y'all in parallel coffins
Yeah these big guns we riding with
And my clips stay wide and sh*t, the bullets stay the size of Twix
You don't wanna get popped with this
Homeboy, so watch your lips
Y'all talk real tough but I know y'all very weak
You f**king with a ghetto beast that never sleeps
I don't need a hundred n***as to settle beef
Just my, arm and hand stretched out with that metal piece
Yeah, y'all laughing and think is a game
'Til I pop you and you leaking in pain
Or you in a casket and ya baby mom thinks it's a shame, faggot

[Verse 2: Jim Jones]
Now I'ma have my mommy mad again
When she found out that I'm back to playing with these keys like Tommy Flanagan
And my girl said if I have to tell my man again
"If you end up in that can again, I'm through with your shenanigans"
But I'm back on the corner and I'm panicking
With a big gun that'll have you stiffer than a mannequin
Sh*t is brain damaging
All this cocaine handling
You can catch me on the corner crazy crispy with the chain dangling
And in the same way I'm running the clubs
Oh yeah dogs I'm one of those thugs
That's allowed and drunk p*ssy and blooded on drugs
Sh*t, a hundred of bloods my gun and my slugs
The way I be feeling y'all n***as want it then WHAAAT?
I had you pay the ultimate price
Like dealing with my vultures ain't nice
They coming for them long chains and pieces that sculpted with ice
Just the same sh*t that scuffed my life
Ah f**k it man this culture ain't right
Some say I hopped out the Jag and the rag fell
But I say when I hopped out the Jag did you know that the top of the rag fell

[Verse 3: Cam'ron]
Killa, Killa
Harlem, Killa, uhh, uhh
Uhh, yo, ayo everybody out at the Up in Smoke tour
I was Uptown, gats out, up in coke wars
Bootleg, gun shop, up in both stores
Both grip, both hands held both fours
Ups downs, highs lows, seen both doors
Die or to live, decisions are both yours
But two cats fronted, I broke both jaws
I'm with two chicks, you know I f**ked both w****s
Homicide, robbery, I broke both laws
I do you like food I a**ume you roast yours
I been so poor, couldn't afford a condom had to go raw
Next day in the free clinic, oh Lord!
When you became a Willie? Is you insane or silly?
I will aim the milli, doggie at yo' brain for really
It's not a game my nilly
I'ma do this 'til every last damn chain is chilly
How many came to kill me?
I hustle with Queef, her voice is real bitter
She, f**k up my money, ain't no choice but to hit her
But she'll, loiter and litter 'til them boys come and get her
That's the difference in our money, six 6's to a figure
Hookers and hoodrats, using sex as a gimmick
I got a tournament for handicap, special Olympics
Next to the clinic, case one of they legs get dismembered
Last year wheelchair tipped, broke a neck he was injured
Want 100? Go the nerd way, per say
Feds want n***as up in the birdcage for sh*t back in the 3rd grade
Lawyers see I made it back
Love to set up slay with tracks
NYPD tow truck, raise the rack, took it, gave it back
Betrayed the fact they bugged the Jeep, seats, floors and light bulbs
So I had to change the Range up, and game up with these white thugs
Now on the tube, see the station
Me, Jimmy Iovine, give me my cream
Shapiro, Peter Gatien, relation
Spot a club in L.A. just to touch it up
Then rug it up, thug it up, but name the club suck and f**k Whatever n***a, what is what, respect power, the set's ours
Two guns, be on news one, next hour, lead shower
With weapons involved I kept a revolve'
Now a deluxe apartment, George Jefferson bar
I'm from where Nicky Barnes, Mr. Fritz got rich as f**k
Rich and A hit the kitchens then was pitchin' up
Rob Base, Mase, Doug E. Fresh switched it up
I do both, who am I to f**k tradition up? Killa
[Outro: Cam'ron]
Killa, Dipset
Harlem, huh, huh
Holla at ya dawg