[Intro: Lil Playah]

[Verse 1: Lil Playah]
You n***as try so hard to fit in
Countin' that money, I just love the feelin'
Feel like I'm Corbin, in it to win it
Say you better than me, what the f**k is he thinkin'?
I be feelin' like I'm the chosen one
I don't have to fight, I just keep me one, c'mon
Diamonds brighter than the damn sun
I done blowed up, I don't owe you one
Too much water, it dripped on me, it's rainin', yeah
I [?] longer than you, like f**k is you sayin'?
Been goin' off lately, feel like a super saiyan
Ain't tryna talk lil' b*t*h, yeah just get [?]

[Verse 2: Kankan]
I've been sippin' on Wockhardt, yeah can't sh*t faze me, ayy
I'm a 2000s baby, don't know sh*t about the 80s, yeah, huh
n***a yeah, hop up in that brand new Mеrcedes
I'ma scoop ya ho, n***a in that AMG, yeah yеah
Yo ho know I got racks, n***a so don't play with me
In that trackhawk, way too fast, get me to A and Z, yeah yeah
And I'm off Percocet, lil' b*t*h goin' crazy, ayy
I'm on Oxy, lil' ho goin' too crazy, yeah yeah
Uh, I got them racks today, yeah, uh
n***a yeah, I made a bag, yeah I made a bag today
n***a you broke as f**k, you goin' out sad today, ayy
I'm with Lil Playah, you know that n***a, he ride with the K
Yeah uh huh, racks n***a, ayy
Yeah I'm in the H, in the gallow, finna spend a bag n***a, yeah, huh
And I'm in the H, uh huh yeah with a bad b*t*h, ayy
I couldn't f**k your ho cause that ho average, yeah, uh
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