n***a I got like five racks on me right now
Ayy, ha
Yeah, let's go, let's
Ayy, yeah
Ayy, ha

n***a yeah I ball out, don't need no mascot (No mascot)
n***a we still having drank, you thought it was a damn drought (Damn drought)
n***a said he my opp, finna see what that's about, ayy (That's about)
n***as juug, they still broke, I took a different route (Took a different route)
I was just up in LA, now I'm back to the south, uh huh
n***a I keep that stick even in my mama house, ayy (In my mama house)
I was in the O eating at Waffle House (Eating at Waffle House)
I'm in this sh*t about as deep as it get, Trackhawk it take off, yeah uh huh (It take off)
Brand new hunnids, n***a yeah they coming on (Coming in)
On Oxy' and codeine, n***a I'ma spend (I'ma spend)
[?] rap n***as, boy don't come bеtween them (Don't come between thеm)
[?] n***as, yeah we get it in, yeah (Get it in)
Bro just hit my line, finna drive on [?], ayy ([?])
You think I f**ked this ho but the b*t*h just gave me face (Gave me face)
Endless SRTs, n***a up in the driveway (Driveway)
n***a yeah we count racks, n***a on the damn highway (Highway)

Ayy, yeah, ayy, uh huh, ayy
n***a yeah we count racks, n***a on the damn, uh huh
n***a yeah we get racks, n***a on a damn Friday, yeah
n***a yeah we count racks, n***a on the damn highway, yeah ha

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