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YZ (Rap)

"Dead of Night"

Verse 1
Wheres the hiphop that I fell in love with?
New bar set, I'm way above it
You never been the type to adapt on a beat
I'm always the type to attack on a beat
I'm Mozart to the Pablo
Want more art, ill follow
I’m in a different game than these rappers the piper and chatter i’m making them scatter
They’re all sheeps, they look the same, they sound the same, they’re all clones
I'll take on all on you, all on my own
I’m wondering if you can make it in this game without looking a certain way
I’m asian no K-pop, but I’m iller in every way
If real recognize real, how could they recognize you?
You're faking everything from your streams to your real life, feel bad for you
How can you tell me how to live my life when you ain’t got a life to live
But pour it out on me, your legacy verse mine, I'll outlive
You a hype beast, I'm an originator
You a reader, I'm the illustrator
I'm the innovator, and you're iller on the internet
In real life, I'm even greater
I'm the navigator to my own ship
And the operator you a moderator
I’m cut from my own cloth, call me a fabricator
No one can kill my ego, thats just how far my pride goes
Only me, call it suicide, thats forever as time goes
You don't matter, no you don't matter
Nobody want the smoke, your mind is glass, see, I will shatter

In dead of the night
Lost my way inside
You don't feel me there

Verse 2
Captivated, motivated by the way your mind goes
Elevated by the conversation where’d the time go
LA state of mind, never leave, where the wind blows
3rd degree burn to my wisdom like a pyro
Double sided, I always wonder what they even stand for
It’s a war, within, the dark side about to win
But this is hiphop right?
I gotta be smoking and banging, containing an image, be vulgar but I’m shifting the culture
So f*ck the world, this is hiphop, highly risen
To not to be someone that you're not, semi hidden
Think about the life you lead, it’s epitome of captivity
Stuck in a box, soon, chalk around your body
I'm liking your rhythm, i'm liking the feelings you give me inside, venomous feeling
Its so appealing, peeling it off
Living it rough, keeping it tough
Euphoria streaming in my veins and you’re the needle
I don't need all of you just give me a little
Alchemist with the diction
Full metal infliction
Rap and walk with a purpose, like it's going to be my last mission
Sick of feeling hungry, wonder if that day will come
I feel like i'm losing myself, one by one
Ego will kill the talent, till theres none
Gotta focus making music that will live on when I'm gone

Verse 3
First time I cried in front of my family was at that funeral
That cracked a piece of me, internally but it was beautiful
Now i'm powerful
Rap is my superpower, I'm trying to save lives, trying to give you a sign
But there are more pieces in me waiting to be broken
Cause life's a game so those are my token
A thousands needles to my back, leave it open
There are blessings in my life that got me hoping
It wrapped my neck around choking, feeling strangled
90 degree motion, view life in the right angle
Although its painful, I'll be my own angel
And be able to be protect myself, but life needs to be painful but be
Careful, I'm able to be hateful and aim at your heart
I'll shoot in the dark, not stop till I hit, I won't disappoint
Take notes, these are bullet points (facts)
And I been that
Every little second of my life, I will rep that
Suffocated from the lies, like they wait in line
A lie leaves a drop of poison behind
Feeling so cold, my energy beaming
You’ve called me an angel so find me in the midst of your demons
Then search for it, give you the key that i'm keeping
Meditate, soul searching in the dark i'm asleep in

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