Breaking The Barrier (Intro) lyrics

YZ (Rap)

I’m in the forest with gorillas
I’m on the block with some killas
Couple bad b*t*hes they shaking some ass in the villa
I walk in club with pole you know he gon let us

Addicted to pouring feel bad for my liver
I’m shooting from deep like I’m Damian lillard
Once I get me a house on the hill imma feel like a winner
I be praying to god but I know I’m a sinner

Non of you n***as can beat us
Checks over adidas
Got all this money now ya wanna be us
My b*t*h is a demon
The head was amazing god damn she a genius
You calling me bro
I know money the reason

f**king her once I ain’t saying goodbye
I need you the most you can’t even reply
All of the money and food I supply
I want this so bad you can see it in my eye

I’m rapping and dropping they showing no love
Sometimes I get in my moods and I awanna give up

I know it’s the hardest but im breaking the barrier
Dripping like water I got different flavors
You only call me when you need me for favors
Diamonds on me and they cold like a glacier

I telling my stories within all my music
I know I’m up next just watch me ill prove it
They give you a chance I know that you blew it
They give me a chance you know imma
Do it

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