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Obie Trice

"Truth to Power"

sh*t, Obie n*gga I told you on this man. n*ggas ain't even real nowadays. I mean, I remember when the ??? back in the day, when it was actually real hip hop. These n*ggas wearing dresses heh, n*gga are you serious? Haha I don't even understand, I don't really get it. I turned on the television heh, and this sh*t is going on from Empire. Empire? n*gga you trying to be Jamal from Empire. I call these n*ggas Solange. I just don't want to be politically correct but shiiit.. I call it like I see it. It's the ??? to our communities. To be honest I don't really give a f*ck. These n*ggas really wearing dresses, and you calling it hip hop

[Verse 1: Obie Trice]
I don't with f*ck with you n*ggas you all fake
I don't see the point in your hearts, pulsate
Yea you problamatic on social media
Apologetic when approach greetin' ya
This what the culture leadin' ta
Yellow backs with jeans squeezing their p*nises
And we supposed to receive them as rap geniuses
Are we supposed to believe what n*ggas heeding us
When they sweeter than Jujubes, Reese's Pieces

Candy coated n*ggas corroded the G Code
I don't give a damn how much coke that he sold
Cuz on the low, look at him gropin' as*h*les
Am I the only n*gga with his eyes not closed

Guess so, f*ck the rest you, plus the dress you came in
And n*ggas is flamin', And I be steady aimin'
America won't bully me in tryna understandin'
f*ck these lames man, I'ma talk truth to power
Turn rap ??? to flowers, RIP delusional cowards
Lying to the youth they swallow us (Hahaha)
n*gga talk truth to power

Haha, now that's what the f*ck I'm talking about

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