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Armand Hammer

"Duppy Reprise"

[Verse 1: Billy Woods]
Woke to blood on the gate
Witchcraft whispered by maids
The fear under the mask, my father’s face ashen
Hands grasping held us back
We were kids laughing
A few months later the hearse had him
Women clutch white napkins
Black magic
Rumors it wasn’t no accident
State funeral/uniforms and acronyms
Eat with the dead pour strong spirits
We Africans
Yeah, me and my sister
We never really laughed again
It’s obeah we come for
And paid good money
Last weapon of the poor
For this children went hungry
Blood on the door
Buried charms
Paw of monkey
Macbeth palms
Dry-eyed in the Beloved Country
Burglar alarm/reach for the heat
Find nothing
Die quietly in your sleep
They still say your wife did something
Upon your house a pox
A fortnight, body in a box
Don’t believe me, just watch

[Chorus: Elucid]
I see fire in a dead man's eyes 4X

[Verse 2: Elucid]
Once upon a lynching
Rank fumes of incense
Root workers herb mixing
Graveyard dirt pinching
Intention imprint
Fragrant oils holy waters
Sacrifice for those who fell before us
Retreat to the forest where the moon don’t shine
And the sun barely sweeps the floor
4 corners
Crude shrines
Brick dust outlines
Psychic ties
Humbly we commune
Perfumed resin
Laws of attraction
Bats blood
Black arts
Conjure man incantations
Fireside divination
Don’t forget to feed the loas
When the spirit leads
Tell my horse ill ride sidesaddle
Star charts and dream books
Papa la bas live from the botanica
All white attire with a mugwort amulet
Third eye pierce
Geode chevron amethyst
Nature my cathedral
Backwater crossroads talisman
Gypsy woman with a fever vision
Destiny altered in this land of the living
Elders still whisper
Listen in the stillness

[Chorus: Elucid]
I see fire in a a dead man's eyes 4X

[Verse 3: Curly Castro]
Tread lightly when I walk holy ground
Go tantric in a cemetery, make no sounds
In my concrete red feathers and tomb stones
Travel in the street when you pass vodoun homes
Me no disrespect but me nah f*ck with duppy
Call me lucky me nah go near no ghost f*ckery
Wouldn't step foot in my grandmama's wake
Til she whispered in my ear before it's too late
My old wisdom used to commune with those gone
She bore witness to me grandmatha form
Me elders always visit when the hour's gone
Papa Legba Anubis threw dice on my lawn
No calling of lords 'fore the bones go cold
Hunting for the soul once known as Leroy Jones
My daughter is phantom, cross the forts mine
For my best friend's say I deserve a lost life
Watch your mouth, they are mine, be careful what you sign
Death in triplicate, blood on the dotted line
When the soil goes bad, the soil stays strapped
In a lead lined coffin or a nail filled mask
See the fire in a dead man's laugh, ah
See the fire in them duppy man past

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