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Elle King


[Verse 1]
I was just a poor young little ugly thing
Momma kicked me out, just shy of 17
I was lookin' for love, in the fire, in the flames
But the only way to learn is to get yourself burned
That's how I became the runaway

[Verse 2]
I gave my hand to a man, he put the ring on me
He couldn't understand why he wasn't just like me
I should've known by the look in his eyes
We looked at the same guys
That's when I realized

No hands will hold me
I'll always be lonely
Is there someone out there who can break
This habit of going
There's no way of knowing
I promise I'll always be your little runaway
Your little runaway

[Verse 3]
If you're not careful, you'll get your heart broken
Take me as an example, I'll be a token
I used to fall head over feet
But everyone I loved deceived me
So, what choice does that leave
A runaway
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