I’m with You (Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre) lyrics

Vance Joy

Thank you guys, I can feel an amazing vibe tonight, so thank you so much
For shooting all this love at us
For this next song I'm gonna, I'm gonna play this one solo
I was hoping for this one you guys could help me
In creating some mood lighting, um
If you have a light on your phone, you could hold it up in the air, and we can light it up together?
Alright that's so spectacular, thank you so much for the stars and
This is a song called "I'm with You"

[Verse 1]
I saw you standing there
Sandy blonde hair, the way it came tumbling down
Just like a waterfall
And if you need a light
I'll be the match to your candle
My darling, I'm ready, to burst into flames for you

I was just coasting till we met
You remind me just how good it can get

Well I've been on fire, dreaming of you
Tell me you don't
It feels likе you do
Looking like that, you'll open some wounds
How doеs it start?
And when does it end?
Only been here for a moment, but I know I want you
But is it too soon?
To know that I'm with you
There's nothing I can do

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