Wasted Time (Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre) lyrics

Vance Joy

This next song is from my first album
It's called "Wasted Time"

[Verse 1]
Why, why do you go wasting your time on me?
You’re so beautiful now
There's so much that's left for you now
Oh yeah, babe
And why, why do you go flashing those eyes at me?
You know that I’m eager to please
I've always been eager to please
Oh yeah, babe

But I've, I've got a lot to say
And I'm scared that you're gonna slip away
And you, you've got this wide-eyed gaze
And a smile that you'll carry through your days

Oh, why?
Oh, why?
It’s the easiest way
To know you’re alive
And the beauty you heard
I see her talking with her hands
Well, I don't think she knows
How she changed all my plans

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