Real hot girl sh*t
(f**k that n***a)
Hey, hey
Baow, baow

Look, why you wanna do the bad b*t*h wrong? (Huh?)
'Bout to make this every bad b*t*h song (Ayy)
Don't you hate when you hold a n***a down
Then he switch up on you, turn out to be a clown? (Ayy)
Look (Hey), I ain't in my feelings with it (In my feelings)
Turn around, poke it out, b*t*h, get it, get it (Get it, get it)
Turn up on 'em, make 'em kill the noise
We ain't goin' back and forth with the lil' boys

[Verse 1]
Shh, cut the noise
I ain't goin' back and forth with these lil' boys (Lil' boys)
I'm a February baby, I'm a big flirt (Big flirt)
I gotta give a n***a space when his feelings hurt (Hey, hey)
Ayy, look, cut the sh*t
I ain't goin' back and forth with a broke b*t*h (Broke b*t*h)
Jawbreaker, I ain't f**kin' with thе sucker sh*t (Yeah)
If I cut her off, thеn I mean it and it's f**k a b*t*h
The more I ignore you, the more you adore me (Yeah)
Crazy-ass n***as need to come with a warnin' (Come with a warnin')
Is he crazy 'bout me or he just crazy? You been trippin' lately (Yeah, yeah)
n***a too attached, got him actin' like a titty baby (Yeah)
Bullet wounds, backstabs, mama died, still sad
At war with myself, in my head, b*t*h, it's Baghdad (Yeah)

New n***a tryna come around and play clean (Hmm)
And my clothes fit tight, but my heart need a seamstress (Ah)
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