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Mac Miller

"REMember (Live)"

This next song right here is a song called REMember, alright?
It's dedicated to a homie of mine
Let's go

[Verse 1]
I said, I hope you're proud of me, dude I grew to be
Ingenuity influenced by your eulogy
Going through memories
Like they were movies scenes
I know I've been the sh*t
All these people full of me
I admit I guess I'm full of myself too
There's just a bunch of sh*t, I wish I could tell you but
This life moves fast, I never knew that
Yours wouldn't have lasted, the dirt hitting your casket, like raindrops
I swear I'll let you know when the pain stops
For now, I need to run to any place with a train stop
And everybody wanna talk to me
About some business sh*t
Never really listening
Couldn't get real interested
My days get darker, so the haze get sparked up
Hate, sound the same
When my name get brought up
You had a girl, I kinda wish you knocked her up
So I could meet your son and talk you up (Talk you up)
Y'all holding up the lighters, I appreciate y'all man
Light up the sky for me again
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