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Mac Miller

"Objects in the Mirror (Live)"

[Intro: Mac Miller & Syd]
Some people people, woah oh-oh woah-oh-oh
Yeah, yeah
Some people people, people people, people people, people people, people people, people ohh

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
Said, people love you when they on your mind
A thought is love's currency
And I been thinking 'bout her all the time
I've never seen somebody put together perfectly, said
What would I have to do to call you mine, said
Someone like you is so hard to find
You can open up your eyes or you can walk it blind
All I ask is that you hurry, I won't hurt you don't you worry
Listen to me, I'mma set you free, said
He ain't gonna break your heart again
Go through the worst to reach the ecstasy
When your imagination's on pretend, said
I never thought that it would feel this way
You never taught me how to heal the pain
I wish you caught me on a different day
When it was easier to be happy

[Hook: Mac Miller With Syd]
Just a little taste and you know she got you
Can you hide away, can you hide away
Sound of silence as they all just watch you
I kinda find it strange, how the times have changed
But I wish, we could go and be free
Once, baby, you and me
I said, Salt Lake City put your hands in the air like this
And never come back again
And leave it all in the rear view, woah-oh-oh, woah-oh-oh
Leave it all in the rear view, girl
Siad, you don't have to cry
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