Mac Miller

"Sky Is Falling"

(Interlude: Yamine)
Hey Levi, Hey Miley, big moves we making!! New Collab tape, It’s time to go on another level!! [KING]

(Verse 1: Yamine)
The sky is falling, meaning the world is tumbling down (down)
2020 feels like living in hell

All these rappers bodies floating around (man)
I can’t believe it came to this point
My mind is rolling just like a joint (weed)
It started off with Kobe Bryant
His death it got us sicken (shocked)

Then Covid-19 came around having us all restricted
No reservations, no going to school
No NBA, or outdoor pool
Hot weather you can’t enjoy
But you bound inside playing with toys

Then 2020 got Pop Smoke, took away Black Panther
Thanos Snap turned to real life

This year Total Drama like Heather
All these young n***as got tools
You can’t fight so you shoot
RIP Duck & King Von, plus Mo3 too (Durk & Boosie)
When you get rich move out the hood (yessir)
Pay for your family and leave for good
Make sure your homies eat, stay out the beef (uh huh)
All that real n***a sh*t ain’t worth you being dead in the streets (no way)
f**k Jada Pinkett, wrong doing to Will
Why did July about dating August (get it)

This year been straight sh*t, but 2021 can be better
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