Space Cakes (bonus) lyrics


Buy these moon shoes
At 1-888-645-Waste your money

Verse 1: Kevvie3TM

Myself, Covid, Tom got in common
Ima need Myspace and we won't have problems
Speaking on it often and it seems to be the topic
Like a cross walk with the red hand
I’m going for the high five
Hit the liquor store and get the high life
I don’t play the side line
Listening to sublime
Ima need the salt and lime to go with the corona
Yeah they f**k with the persona in the crib ima loner
In thе hood cops circle the block like Daytona
Whoopdy whoop I’m in thе coupe
Headed to mars
The only bars that are open are the ones that im spitting
You know that I’m sippin and talking crazy this how we living
I get it I get it like hold up a minute I need a break
f**k it I said that I got it and ain't nobody telling me different
This how ima send it b*t*h I’m independent
I’m gonna take it right off of the dome
Yelling kevin b*t*h I’m home alone
Give me room so I can go off
Open sign with Olaf
Swimmers lungs never getting tired ima show off
First class accounted and seated
And all the things that I been going through are feeling depleted Heated like the concrete in the middle of summer
Yeah you waiting your turn like DMV to pull your number
We innovative shots fire white tee still clean
You throwing money at the problem b*t*h I’m still me

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