Saint Lazare
Bitch, we going shopping – Selfridges, you mind we drop in?
Lay it low but spend a couple racks while the girlies watching
We gon' take it to the back and she get to gawking
She gon' tell me to relax while she getting sloppy

[Verse 2: Saint Lazare]
A-A-Ain't relaxing, bitch, I'm taxing on my dope (On my dope)
And they just got rid of Wock, now I don't sip, I gotta smoke
If you run up, wanna trip, just know I always keep a pole (Pew-pew-pew)
Always Wii Shopping, what these several fucking bands is for (Bang)

Sp-Sp-Spank a bitch in back of Primark
Why you chewing on my tree, dawg?
Get loud? I ain't made of bark
So come and meet me in the park (Woah)
Wenn sie mich lutscht
Guten Tag, ich haben (Baby)
Wenn sie mir keinen Sex gibt
Ich werde schlafen

[Verse 4: Saint Lazare]
Silly me, my bands are stacking super high now
I don't fuck with her, that pussy kinda dry now (Skrr-skrr)
Beat a pussy like it's Raw vs. SmackDown! (Grr)
Ain't talking 'bout Houston when I say I'm hitting H-Town (What?)