Saint Lazare
[Verse One: Saint Lazare]
Huh, god damn, ay
Hang 'round with them killers you might get popped
No ones gonna care 'cause what’s a dead opp
Aiming at yo momma 'cause your pops walked, hey
Sipping on Bacardi mixed with leg lock
Ay I just do my thing, pistol to his head
Now you see your brains, that's your little baby?
Oops we ran a train maybe 'cause she caught a wave
Red hair like brave I'ma bend that bitch back
Folk get to drilling, while blickys be lax yuh
Bud I be taxin' that white take your life
Fenty in the mix, mixing brown with the rice yuh

[Verse Two: cxltgod]
Merry bitch jingle on a merry-go-round
Sucking on my toes in a burial ground like
Cxlt, you disrespecting the dead
I'm disrespecting your girlfriend's head
Roll it up, smoke it go and mingle (mingle, mingle)
Picking up sticks, hit a cymbal (cymbal, cymbal)
Your girl got up to go and take a tinkle
I said girl, just use me as a cubicle