Saint Lazare
3, 2, 1
So yeah
(Phone Gibberish)
Yo did you catch the game last night?
(Phone Gibberish)
Oh there was no game last night?
(Phone Gibberish)
Well what the fuck do you mean its friday
(Phone Gibberish)
(Phone Gibberish)
If you say so
(Phone Gibberish)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
(Phone Gibberish)
Three, Two, One

[Verse: cxltgod & Saint Lazare]
Fuck another bitch, not a pedo
Just a daddy with a motherfucking little
Two stick and I'm playing paradiddle
A hammer and a motherfucking sickle
Whacking that bitch he brittle
One punch now he in hospital
OP like that motherfucking pickle
From Rick and Morty he a chicken, oou! (Chicken!)
Fucking a cop, sucking a cock
I'ma just sit and watch Kuso rot
Picking a lock, fucking a thot (What what yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Bitch I just got a new teapot
Cutting a lot, loving a tard
I'ma just sit and watch Kuso rot
Humming a song, stirring a pot
Bitch's bank balance showing astronaut
[Interlude: Saint Lazare]
She an astronaut okay
So I guess she shits herself in a suit (Sniffs)
I'm cool with that I mean whatever mean
I'm down for that freaky shit
Ay, yuh

[Verse Two: Saint Lazare]
You was in the classroom I was playin' with Glocks
I only fuck with gamer girls who ain’t wearin' socks
Damn this fucking sucks, I keep a couple bucks now
Finna drown in my own piss now, yuh
I was counting dollars while you scraping up change
Ten thousand quick on my brand new Gucci chain
Why your ring looking like it cost just 5p?
Bring your bitch over here I really gotta pee