Saint Lazare

Blow  up my shit like an Iraq lobster
Guzzle  down my cum, boy, that girl's a monster
Wouldn't think she's a virgin, bitch is an expert
Shit, I might end up wid a daughter
Uh,  yeah, Post Malone like mazel tov
Gun  them down and rush them off, firing all these rounds like
Kalashnikov, Molotov, cut them down with tomahawks
Getting  loud, little bitch, like you haven't fallen off
Huh, yeah, why am I so feisty?
Huh, yeah, your face is unsightly
Huh, yeah, that wasn't like me
Huh,  yeah, that wasn't like me
Scream from 9 to quarter past, popping pills, I'm Peter Xan
I don't know your name but I can take you to my Never Land
You can't see me like my young bull, Ferdinand
I take your pretty bitch and then I fuck her in the ass, yuh

[Interlude: damienfarron]
Yeah, fuck her in the ass, yeah
Lil' bitch, she call me dad, yeah
Long live Jahseh, uh, uh, uh
Screaming "LLJ"
[Verse 2: damienfarron]
I'm Stephen Hawking of the trap, skrrt, tyres never flat, skrrt
Iced-out cripple-chair, like a human map, skrrt
Used to bully kids on the internet until they cried
One, two, three, four, how many tried suicide?
Lil' Jimmy couldn't take the roast and now he dead
Texting on his mommy, asking her to give me head
Said her husband's home so she top me in the shed
She can't know my real name, I tell her name's Jeff
Uh, uh, Donna Brown, why your ass so fat?
Uh, she need God 'cause she fucking wack
Uh, I put my dick in her cookie stash
Uh, Rollo mad 'cause her cheeks are clapped, yeah, lil' bitch

[Bridge: damienfarron]
How you not gon' fuck on a white boy lil' bitch?
Yeah, AOKI boys 2019

[Verse 3: Saint Lazare]
I find it funny that you wan' play with your life
I can fuck her in the ass but it don’t feel right
I think I need one of my homies to take care of the job
Slop out, opps out, we gon' ride up with the dicks
Bitch, I slatt and I slime, it don’t make that many sense
But you can check my fucking bank and see I make so many cents
I only fuck with just a few, a middle finger to the rest
If you don't think that I mean it, uh – fuck!
[Outro: Saint Lazare]