Saint Lazare
​mario kart
I'm 'bout to announce the EP
But you know, fuck it, we'll do a quick track
Yeah, need a Mario mushroom quick
One level up then I piped that bitch
Yuh, yuh (It's me, I'm "N***as")

Need a Mario mushroom quick
One level up then I piped that bitch, yuh
Feel Kyaputen Orimā
Bitches follow me like fucking Pikmin
I ain't gonna give up first place
Nobody passing me like a Mario Kart race
Like Laz once said; don't fuck with me
Or you might catch a fucking fade
Only fuck with bitches who ain't afraid to sweat
Or a little dumb thicky like Bowsette, aye
I ain't up for playing but
I'll run a train on your bitch like Grand Theft, uh
Skrt-skrt-skrt 'round the Rainbow Road
Tryna get my ass bit and ate by Toad
Princess Peach, detonate my balls
Real-life Hall of Meat, better rate my falls, uh

[Verse 2: Saint Lazare]
I was planning on just dancing with the bag
Need a hundred thousand cash fast
Please don't make me wait
I was locked up for a day
But they ain't find shit, set me free
No money on me, baby, call me Alexander G, yuh
Chop so big, Chain Chomp, it's a monster
Smoke so much, big Laz be a Rasta
Sipping on that shit while my brother make burfi
Glock be on me, don't get froggy