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"Star Me Kitten (Alternate Version)"

[Spoken Intro: William S. Burroughs]
All right, just something I picked up. A knack of going along
With someone else's song, putting myself into it. It evolved from
Lili Marlene-- Marlene Dietritch, not one of my favorite people but, that's where it came from

[Verse 1: William S. Burroughs]
Keys cut three for the price of one
Nothing's free but guaranteed for a lifetime's use
I've changed the locks
And you can't have one

[Verse 2: William S. Burroughs]
You, you know the other two
The brakes have worn so thin that you could hear
I hear them screeching through the door from our driveway

[Verse 3: William S. Burroughs]
Hey love, look into your glove-box heart
What is there for me inside?
This love is tired
I've changed the locks

[Bridge: William S. Burroughs]
Have I misplaced you?
Have we lost our minds?
Will this never end?
It could depend on your take

[Verse 4 : William S. Burroughs]
You; Me; We used to be on fire
If keys are all that stand between
Can I throw in the ring?
No gasoline
Just f*ck me kitten, you are wild
And I'm in your possession
Nothing's free so, f*ck me kitten
Just f*ck me kitten, you are wild
I'm your possession
So, f*ck me kitten

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