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Fat Joe

"The Punisher"

You can call me "Mister Tung Twist"
They way I turn and interpret tiny tickets ticks
And flick em, like blimps, and the sickness that I inherited
I'm big and nefarious and no riddles
Riddle me this, how can a riddle be riddling
I'm the realest there is, with my deliverance
I'm rigorous, sticking heroin needles in clitoris
Rev bananas in, venomous benefits
Belittle Italy Little Leagues literally, lit in little limpidity
Lizard licking like liquorice, limp ya lip, little degenerate
Only time I'm in it to win, when I'm entering
Killing sh*t, you is kidding me
I don't need to practice, I can freestyle
Not with red nor blue like some bulls eyes
I hit mine, so don't even try
I'll take 7 mumble rappers in a line
Behind the building of Columbine
With tape on they mouth and eyes
Take 5 more, just to make sure my problems are fine
Cause I'm bout to blow there minds, not with my rhymes
But with a AK to they dang faces
A revolver, and a nine, then take 9 more rappers who claim
They can shoot like 9 lives, pus*y
That's 21 rappers dead at one time in my eyes
Read in between lines, or make n*ggas whine like fine dining

I'm flyer than 5 fire fighters and 9 pilots
Ya think you spitting lava, I'll drown you in a fire
Pussies wanna shoot, but they weak, I'm deciding
B.THE GREAT be rising, rap king entirely [x4]

[Verse 2]
These n*ggas is corny and typical, b*tch I am lyrical
Let me generally give you a visual, how I'm a criminal
Spitting syllables, literal disfigure affiliate, killing
Rappers like insects, that couldn't hurt a fly, period
b*tch I'm cynical, none of bars are biblical
I just see myself as a Rap God, unthinkable individual
Say you "THE GREAT", ho I'm the original
Like I spit scientist bars, acid melts, so my sh*t will be chemical
Never can be disciplined, divisible and despicable
Where I'm at, I'm analytical, predicable di*ks
Can never disfigure my sickness, suck a di*k in
You little b*tches, I'm giving stitches, and disses
This di*k out the dirt, arisen, go ahead take me to prison
B.THE GREAT, this beat I R.I.P it, GONE!

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