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Fat Trel

"Energy (GLEESH-MIX)"

Lickwood means rewind, gunshot means forward
Ya requested it, so we rewind

I got enemies, got a lot of enemies
Triple black whips, make 'em sweeve like a centipede
I just took a K from a n*gga
Police investigatin', tryna play witcha, n*gga
Police is plottin', they tryna watch how we turnin' up
If the FEDS give us time, they gon' burn us up
Neva eva testify, rule no. 1
Sixteen, dropped out, went and bought a gun
My n*gga DooDoo H Place, he got me straight
160 hoe sale, love that always
I hit the block, turnin' up, smoke is burnin' up
Next time I see the plug, c*ck the 31
Now a n*gga riding with a dirty gun
I just had to kill a n*gga, cos' he owed me one
I'm on my flex, I'mma run up a check
It's all about my kids, all this gold on my neck
I just hollered at yo b*tch, and she say she ____(?)
But next time I see 'er, n*gga, we gon' sex
I love my brother Shop, white drop me a block
n*gga talkin' sh*t, I had to pop me a Glock
She gon' let me f*ck whether luv her or nah
Cuz she got Versace covers, so she f*cked me on top
I got b*tches in the picture, tryna clear out the way
You know tippin' stripper b*tches is a part of my day
First we started smoking swishers, she proceeded to play
But since I f*cked her, I'mma duck her if I see her today
Told a muthaf*ckin' n*gga he in the way
I hustle on the muscle side, struggle to pay
All these b*tches actin' like they tryna see me today
But I'm just tryna f*ck 'em, tryna skeet on their face
Now I'm the type to roll up on a n*gga today
Especially if he testify doin' me dirty
Been askin' fo' a murder like ya really paternal
Then catch you in the studio, shoot on purpose
I bring it to yo shooter, and he really was nervous
I asked him where he gettin' sh*t, he told me 'from Jersey'
I say I couldn't wait, cuz my pockets is hurtin'
I do this everyday, I make a play in the skirt
I got b*tches in the crib askin' me to call the weed man
Been takin' pictures with the lean man
And send their pictures to their friends
Just to show 'em they get it in
I'm an ugly muthaf*cka who be doin' a lot
Same n*gga instagrammin', sum' new in the drop
She gon' f*ck me, she gon' suck me, whether knew me or nah
Ask me when I'm takin' ova, then I drew me a block
I be actin' like the pretty b*tches workin' desert
Same b*tches twerkin' be the same b*tches just nervous
Make me wanna pull up on a lame n*gga and murk 'im
Thug young game n*gga, same game that hurled 'em

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