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Fat Trel

"The Weekend (Gleesh-Mix)"

[Intro: Fat Trel]
Yeah, so
Gotta cool it baby, you just gotta be cool, you know?
We don't live like that, hahahahaha, you know?
I can understand why you don't understand what the f*ck goin' on
Haha, look

[Verse: Fat Trel]
I'm away from the wive like two nights, three nights
I ain't even f*ckin' with the street life
Wifey said I f*cked up twice, next time
Ain't no next time, well I guess I got two strikes
You like, who like, baby true life
You right, you just with the work and go to school life
You ain't never count a hundred K at one time
Baby I can introduce you to a new life
My side b*tch say we don't never go out
Roll out, n*gga you just tryna hold out
I'm just tryna keep you out the eye of the public
You know the paparazzi on f*ck sh*t
I know I told you I was finna choose up
New truck, we thought it was love, it was true lust
True enough, I been on the bus with some true sl*ts
Who ain't scared to turn up, let the whole crew f*ck
But I'm goin' back home on a Monday
Had to do a hundred on the one way
My side b*tch said she finna pull up
Well good luck, wifey go dumb with the gunplay
I know I was wrong but it feel right
I say I'm finna stop but I still might
I got all these b*tches in love
When you f*ckin' with a thug, baby this is what it feel like
You livin' what I'm spittin' baby, real life
Lay it down hard, real hard like a steel pipe
And I swear to God she a different type of broad
Like to do it on the porch, let me hit it on the yard
She say f*ck the rest, I'm the best by far
pus*y so good I'll catch a new charge
Sex so good I'll buy that b*tch a car
Skip the studio and I'll probably skip it tomorrow like
Like, like

[Chorus: SZA]
You're like 9 to 5, I'm the weekend
Make him lose his mind every weekend
You take Wednesday, Thursday
Then just send him my way
Think I got it covered for the weekend

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