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Fat Trel

"Gotti 4 Real"

Fat Trel

Intro : And now i understand
Na , Na .. This is strictly for tonight

But you the one right (One)
Fun right (Fun)
She said my d*ck taste like that Klondike (Foreal)?
We gon have some fun right (Shhhh)
I'm just tryna get it in tight (In)
Tryna see what yo friends like (Yo friends)
Tryna see what yo friends love (I love it)
Spending hundreds, we ain't spending dough (she love me)
I remember club love (remember)
Hunnit killas, Hunnit thugs (Hunnit,Hunnit)
Hunnit bottles, Hunnit hoes (Hunnit, Hunnit)
Hunnit bullet holes ( hahaha)

They say could you, we got one (bow)
I say gotti, I coped den shot one (bow)
They better pray that ion't pop none (bow)
I heard your b*tch pus*y got some'n (eww)
So you know this b*tch she got none (For real)
F*ck is you talm bout (Huh)
B*tch this ain't no sound cloud (Its not)
This this album work that bow bow (That album work that bow bow)

b*tch i lay your ass down (ass down)
Spend it over (spend it over)
Off (eat) that ass round (ass round)
Im a f*cking clown (f*cking clown)
Put it down (watchu doing)
Put in work (put in work)
What else?
Shut her up (f*ck before)
F*ck her first (lets get it)
F*ck her long (Uh huh)
F*ck her hard (f*ck her hard)
She say oh-my-mother (oh my mother)...f*cking God (f*cking God)
Thats that back shot (back shot)
Thats that p*ssy drop (pus*y drop)
Thats that leg work (leg work)
What yo head worth? (head worth)

Outchea (Outchea) spending hUnnits
B*tches f*cking (b*tches f*ckin)
Sucking somethin (suckin somethin)
F*ck you doin (F*ck you doin)
Doin nothin (Doin nothin)(Ha)
F*ck we doin (F*ck we doin)
We fu*king stunt'n (Ha)
Sh*t is nuffin (sh*t is nuffin)
Gettin blunted (Gettin blunted)
Swisher heavy(Swisher.. Swish)
Never reggie (Never.. Swish)
Take em back (Take em back)
First floor (First floor)
High as f*ck (High as f*ck)
Eyes lows (Eyes Low)

Main B*tch (Main B*tch) Ass Hole (Ass Hole)
Side B*tch (Side B*tch) Side Hole (Side Hole)
Hunnit Clip (Hunnit Clips)
Money rolls (Money Rolls)
Lotta Drugs (Lotta Drugs)
This what it was (What it was)
That's what it does (What)
Im what i do (Im what it do)(What)
Im Fat Trel (Fat Trel)(What)
Who the f*ck is you (Say what)
Droppin bodies (Dropin bodies)
Popin Molly's (Poppin Molly's)
Droppin Bodies (Droppin Bodies)

I Feel like Gotti .. 4 Real( 4 Real)
Feel like Gotti 4 Real (Shhh)
Gotti 4 Real ( Gotti 4 Real)
Droppin bodies, Feel Like Gotti 4 Real (Feel Like Gotti 4 Real)(Lets Get It)

O Lord (O Lord)
Lord, I just did that (did that)
O Lord ( Huh, Huh, Lord)
Say b*tch I just did that
O Lord (that)
Shut the f*ck up

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