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Jonathan Groff


I look at the sky
Some clouds and some blue
I don't want to cry
It's time to push through
I'm clearing my sight
And making my way
I'm not going to write
A sad song today

I'm awake now
Time to make
Promises worth keeping
No more circling 'round and 'round
I'm pausing and breathing deep

I'm finding my place
This path feels so new
I'll walk it with grace
Enjoying the view
I'm gaining real speed
And moving along
And so I don't need
To write a sad song

Looking back
Not living now
Time is all I'm losing
Watch me make a happy road
Today is the place I choose

My heart will heal
I can't say when
But I won't make the same mistakes again
I find my way
Pick up my pen
And I won't make the same mistakes again
Repeat this prayer
And say amen
I will not make the same mistakes again
No, no, no

Come look in my eyes
They're finally clear
No more to revise
I'm glad to be here
It's shone oh so bright
This love that we've had
It's time now to write
A song that's not sad

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