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Backstreet Boys

"I Want It That Way (Remix)"

[Intro: Brian & Chance The Rapper]
You are my fire (Flamin' hot nachos?)
The one desire (They made the original hot-hot-hot?)
Believe when I say
I want it that-that-that way

[Verse: Chance The Rapper & Backstreet Boys]
Ooh, hot stuff all over my nachos
Walkin' like a taco
Drivin' over potholes (Tell me why)
Hotter than a pot roast
Fingers on my hot chips
Red-handed, c'mon man, now I'ma need some chopsticks
(Tell me why)
Quiet, leave the house when I'ma need another outfit
Flyer than a maggot on a wall inside a c*ckpit
Speaking of desire, man you preachin' to the choir, man
My tongue is doin' fine, but the roof is on fire

[Chorus: Nick, Backstreet Boys, & All]
Tell me why
Ain't nothing but a heartache
Tell me why
Ain't nothing but a mistake
Tell me why
I never want to hear you say
I want it that way

[Outro: Chance The Rapper]
The original, now it's hot

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