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Backstreet Boys

"All In This Together"

[Verse 1: AJ]
Lemme tell you
What I see through my eyes
Apathy is all around and on the rise
We channel so much
Energy through our greed
Which leads us to
Become absolved of those in need
Lemme tell you

[Chorus: All & AJ]
Money can’t buy lives
Sunny days for you
Living is more than profits accrued
We need to love and be loved
And brought in the things we are thankful of
Remember your brothers (brother)
And sisters, because we are all in this together
Together, yeah

[Verse 2: Brian]
It's funny how we
Took a prayer out of schools
After the 9-11 scare, that's all we do
We compromise
Our liberties for security
We can become
So self in dosed that we can't see
Lemme tell you, yeah!
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