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James Brown

"Mother Popcorn (You Got To Have A Mother For Me) (Part 1)"

Yeah, yeah‚ yeah
Yeah‚ yeah‚ yeah
Popcorn, yeah, yeah‚ yeah, popcorn

[Verse 1]
Some like 'em fat and some like 'em tall
Some like 'em short, skinny legs and all
I like 'em boss‚ huh, I like 'em proud
And when they walk, you know they draw a crowd!
See, you gotta have a mother for me
Yeah, yeah, yeah, popcorn, looka here

[Verse 2]
There was a time when I was all alone
I had a secret, thought I was gone
Somebody dug me, said now I see
What you are doin', brother
To stay ahead of me
But when I get burnt, ha, I use some sav
And when I want some lovin'
A mother she got to have
See, you got to have a mother for me
Yeah, popcorn! Oh, uh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, popcorn, huh
Ow, ow, popcorn

Uh, yeah yeah yeah
Looka here, ha, good God
Ha, uh, looka here
Do the popcorn and do the horse
Show everybody where you at
You gotta be boss
The way you do your little thing
Step in a small ring
And jump back, baby
James Brown's gonna do his thing
Popcorn, yeah yeah yeah
Sometime, sometime I'm feelin' low
Sometime, I'm feelin' low
I call another brother
Talkin' about Maceo
Maceo, blow your horn
Don't talk no trash, ha
Play me some popcorn
Maceo, come on
Uh, popcorn, ha

[Maceo Parker saxophone solo]

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