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James Brown

"Ain’t It Funky Now (Part 2)"

Hey, hey you, come here
Hey you, looka here
Can you play that thang?
Can you play that thang?
Now give me a little taste, make it mellow, heh
Let it ooze out, haha
Good God, haha
Make it funky, haha
So Jabo, brother, do you like it?
(Sure is funky now)
Do you like it?
(It's funky now)
Good God, do you like it?
(Yes, it's funky now)
(Yeah, it's funky now)
Brother--Mace, what's that noise over there? Take it down
Let me concentrate, huh, bring it down
Dear God, Kush, haha, Fred, help him
Play Kush part, Fred, so I can let Kush solo

[Instrumental break]

Kush, you oughta be ashamed of yourself, leave that little horn alone
Haha, good God
Heh, be quiet, heh, let me get in my thing
Good God
Take it down so I can make these hits over here

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