James Brown

"I’m Alright Jack"

Don't you give me your hard luck story
I don't care now you voted for me
I know austerity's breaking your back
But I'm alright Jack

Don't complain that there's no state housing
I've bought mine made a profit of thousands
There's not many left but I can't help that
But I'm alright Jack

I'm alright Jack, I'm alright Jack

I'm doing ok, there's no more to say
Everything's going just fine
You're struggling I know but even so
I'm sick of hearing you whine

Don't you tell me you can't get a house
I've got two and I'm renting one out
Ok private landlords are holding you back
But I'm alright Jack

Don't start moaning I don't pay taxes
All of my scams they are legal practise
I'm entitled you can't have it back
And I'm alright Jack
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