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Jonas Brothers

"Pushin’ Me Away (Live)"

[Verse 1: Joe Jonas]
Run, run like you do
I'm chasing you
I'm on your tail, I'm gaining fast, you're going nowhere
Try to fix what you've done
And turn back the sun
The night is calling, and we're falling faster now

[Chorus: Nick Jonas & Joe Jonas]
Pushin' me away
Every last word, every single thing you say
Pushin' me away
Try to stop me now, but it's already too late
Pushin' me away
If you really don't care, then say it to my face
Pushin' me away
You're push, push, pushin' me away

[Verse 2: Joe Jonas]
Stop, tell me the truth
'Cause I'm so confused
Spinning around, these walls are falling down, and I need you
More than you know
I'm not letting go
I'm getting close, so take my hand and please just tell me why
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