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Kool G Rap

"f*ck U Man"

Since I made the record "Talk Like Sex,"
b*tches are comin' up with their friends for a n*gga to hit the skins
Hopin' that Kool G Rap was just makin' rhymes
But I'm leavin' b*tches' vaginas with more stitches than Frankenstein
Some even had the nerve to try to give me head
And swallow the whole jimmy to make a n*gga fed
But come on you b*tches, don't make me laugh;
You couldn't deep throat G Rap if you was a motherf*ckin' giraffe
Dag, some even fled when they saw the head
Cuz G's di*k would make you seasick f*ckin' me in a waterbed
Don't try to play me like no sucker
Cuz these b*tches'll be callin' up Dial-a-Mattress like a motherf*cker
You heard the song before; you don't wanna see me
"I'll f*ck you on the A-train while I write graffiti."
I'll even f*ck you in a taxi cab
And after sex with a n*gga you'll be buyin' a box of maxi-pads
Soon as you open your legs
No need for no birth control, b*tch, cuz my di*k is touchin' the eggs
Kool G Rap, the pus*y slammer
Hell, I'd be talkin' f*cked up grammar if you was Bad Mamma Jamma
I ain't small, I'll have you cummin' like waterfalls
And then turn them sugar walls into Carnegie Hall
Leavin' my mark on hookers like Zorro
Plus f*ckin' b*tches so def like there won't be no pus*y left tomorrow
Hittin' hoes like it ain't funny
I think about bowls of Cheerios because I want my nuts and honey
Talkin' to all the women that look fine
Pretendin' my prick was Moby di*k and have a whale of a time
Now I'm not a deep-sea diver
But I love it when my di*k's covered and smothered with saliva
sh*t, might even straighten out your dentures
Because it's not just a blow job, honey, it's an adventure
But 69in', I ain't with that:
I'll go to a Chinese restaurant, b*tch, if I wanna eat cats
Because you gotta be brave to eat the tuna, G
So when it comes to pus*y-lickin', I'm the chicken of the sea
I should be on the sex channel;
Not a chump cuz I'm givin' punk-b*tches better humps than camels
If you're a virgin, I'll make it fit
Because my di*k'll pop the cherry and spit out the f*ckin' pit
And if you're concerned, my sperm don't burn
And if it did, I'd give that nappy-headed ass a f*ckin' perm
Shucks, I instruct a f*ckin' lesson
You think it's painless? I hit the anus and f*ck up your large intestines
Leavin' you b*tches stingin' from the bangin'
My man Jimmy got a hole in his head, but yo, that n*gga's still hangin'
b*tch, you'd rather hump a f*ckin' whole army
Cuz even the Witness Protection Program couldn't hide this man's salami
You f*ck around and catch a seizure
Before I f*ck a ho I gots ta put the hooker under anesthesia
Lettin' saliva dribble on your nipple
Orgasms double and triple sit ripple and turn your ass into a gripple
Then I see you searchin' for the swellin'
Cuz I'm-a leave a hole so big your gynecologist might fall the hell in
Got damn! I hit the ham right
Honeybuns, you can ask my Three Sons, I got the di*k right out the Van Dyke
I'm f*ckin' naked girls with fly rhymes
But don't push me, because that pus*y will be runnin' for it's nine lives
I know you hookers can't refuse this
But don't pick me to give no hickeys cuz I'm givin' b*tches bruises
Yeah, I'll tear that pus*y hole apart
For f*ckin' with G Rap after dark, you'd rather jog in Central Park
So if you want kids before I f*ck ya
Look at the size of my di*k, and you'll adopt the motherf*ckers
sh*t, b*tches get open like a can;
Just leave it up to G Rap, cuz I'm the neighborhood f*ck U Man

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