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Kool G Rap


(ayo whatever son!)
(let's do this!)
(i got two hundred)
(whatchu got?, what chu got?)
(don't worry about it)
(Whatchu got?
(i got a buck)
(n*gga that's seven hundred)
(what the f*ck is going on)
(get the f*ck outta here!!)

[Car driving playing music]

(yo who the f*ck is that)
(G, wassup G!)
(what's goin' on n*gga)

Kool G. Rap: faggot ass n*gga!
The f*ck!? ya n*gga's out here trying to gamble?
Who got bank? black got bank? the f*ck you banking black thirty dollar's n*gga?
Break all you faggot n*gga's out here the f*ck you talking about son?!

[Car door shut's]

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