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Kool G Rap

"The Pain"

[Verse 1: Necro]
Dead your central nervous system good luck on your heart rebooting
I'm real good at trouble shooting, when there's trouble, I start shooting
Attack you cause hatred's second nature to me
Give me a table before I smack you, maitre d'
Confrontations, knife up your ass, constipation
f*ck the constitution, there's death in constellation
I do lots of conditioning, but not to make my head glow
More to condition myself, to scalp you with a stiletto
I can't help but be ghetto, the first ghetto was Venice
Italy, jews were literally considered a menace
You not a live street king, you'll need anesthetics
You can't survive the beatings, medics, they'll try to revive you like Creedence
In the precinct, giving my prints, got a speedy offense
Beat you into obedience, some of my best ingredients
Check the latest media since, made someone bleed on the street
They don't breed 'em like this anymore, cops ask, I plead the fifth
Rock a mask, catch you graveyard shift, don't behave hard
If you ain't brave hearted, you'll end up in a grave, hard stiff
Your wife in White Slavery Part 6, in some Albanian's apartment
Soon to be sold to an Iranian who's guarded
I started thuggin' as a mugger, purse snatcher
My first batch of loot, streets are foul like the crotch of a prostitute
Trial and error, trial by fire, vile pleasure
On the trial for murder for having a wild desire for terror
The style of a pallbearer, or Tom Araya for hire
Do this for Meyer, praising those that blaze a trail, required
My head's an anvil, used to leave a man killed
Head butt 'em, smash 'em, cut 'em, trampled in a landfill

[Verse 2: Kool G Rap]
I'm an insanity asylum mind on shock treatment
Doctors can't reach him, both level meter needles that measure the wattage peaking
I'm in need of sedation, ankle and wrist restraints, leaving abrasions
Medicated, he indeed is a patient
Speed of a speed racing demon, the seed of a Jason
Driver seat up in the v., your freak, seat is adjacent
Hazardous habit of grabbing the ratchet
Put white maggots in faggots
I stab until they staggering backwards
Peep cash, get heat rash, trying to ration my rackets
Fanatic for karats but this ravenous rabbit is rabid
Psychopath, bad path for a raft in the rapids
Basket Case, Norman Bates face bast*rd is bad sh*t
Rubber room type, rub a goon with straps on his jacket
Off the Creedmoor mental ward floor
Take a state test for the mental, get tennis board scores
Sandwich short of a picnic, loose nut in the district
Nitwits see food here?, get fed with these biscuits
Click click!

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