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Eric Benét

"Made It (Single Version)"

[Intro: Akua Naru]
Shout out to all my n***as that die laughing
This one's for y'all to give me your gums when y'all crackin' up
Now Mama been [?] church, yet she's still talkin' (Say)
Whoever made that sweet potato pie, girl you put in that work (Yeah)
One time for my sisters on IG doin' the most (Doin' the most)
Two times for my sisters in real life doin' the most (Doin' the most) (Yeah)
Three time I watch you pack that weed though you wanna scratch it though (Scratch it though)
Oh, brother, don't hurt nobody with the bootleg gators on
At the club screamin'
Mama, I made it

[Verse 1: Akura Naru]
The way is always over path paved and royal
The true king's heart shows in the face of misfortune
Crown heavy, but it's a fight to get it off
And who the f**k wants that? You all best proceed with, uh
People of the slum, we dance and pay homage
How we please the gods, we show up regardless
When we grind, hips, slow wine to beat bottles
Do it for the vine, for well, Blue Carter
The foot meets the sword of concrete, the red carpet
Stony been the road we trudgin', brothers, know what I'm sayin'?
Stomp is the animal roar, f**k all silence
Noise from all sides, it hurts to stay quiet
Loud been the pain, the joy is pure riot
Rightful on your spine, keep going, it's so high, yo
Black woman magic, snatch souls upon arrival
When the five-foot [?] strikes back in Carolina
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