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[Verse 1]
I got the heart of a saint, but I'm livin' like a sinner
Sittin' sippin' liquor as I'm waging war against my liver
Not a winner and I'm bitter and a little bit of liar
I'm an angel with no halo and got one wing in the fire
In denial of these trials and the constant tribulations
I'm debatin' if I'll make it and I pray I'm not forsaken
I got Satan and his demons and they're swimmin' in this bottle
Every swallow that I take to fill a void just leaves me hollow
And to follow on the path of righteousness ain't always easy
People greedy and they seem to be deceiving and so sleazy
It's a seedy stake from hell that dwells inside my private Eden
And its roots are always rooted, true indeed, I ain't no demon
I'll be dreaming of the day I make it home
But then I wonder if the life I'm out here livin'
Only drags me deeper under
When it's done and said and over, for a halo I'll be hoping
'Cause I'm holding onto this one even know my halo's broken

If you do the right thing, things turn out right
But it's hard when you need to live the past life
So I pump my brains and try to slow my roll
'Cause I'm hoping for a halo when it's time to go

Fast life, fast calls, fast women
And I know that the way that I'm livin'
They gon' let me into heaven
Lord, I pray that my sins are forgiven
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