Glasses Malone
My World
Momma you're my world

[Verse 1:]
Pretty woman, where your secret lie?
You was cute, but not a model size
Not a model size, didn't kill you
Phenomenal woman, that was you, (oh momma)
Big up, my inspiration
I ain't need no other demonstration
You showed me ballin', at its highest high
You shine brigther than a firefly
On dark country sommer nights
I like the sun, when it's summer bright
And everyday you made my summer right
But you turned in lately with them thunder strikes
Anytime them bad news beat me home
I remember getting beaten on
You remind me of the [?] it was my birth
So motherf**k earth, momma you my world

[Hook: Brian McKnight](Gla**es Malone)
Momma you my world (momma you my world)
Oh momma (for all the mommas in the world)
Momma you my world (cause momma you're my world)
Oh momma (for all the mommas in the world)
[Verse 2:]
Pretty woman, where your secret lie?
News hit on the day you die
Now I'm just a shell of my former self
Just another zombie that performs for wealth
As if success could ever bring you back
If my death could even bring you back
I put that bull dog to my temper
And let it pop like a pimper
Blood in the pencil, so I'm bleeding as I'm writing
I feel pain in every page I'm reciting
This can't be life, imagine days with no light
No days, just nights
Complete darkness, and they wonder why I'm heartless
So in your name, for greatness imma strive
That's commendment number five
Momma you my world