Glasses Malone
Smooth Operator
[Verse 1: Jay Rock]
Well excuse me take a few minutes to hear me out
Jay Rock is on the microphone I'm bout to turn it out
Like rock bands when I'm rocking the stage
The flow murder is should be locked in a cage
I could rhyme fast or slow tempo
Metaphors Knock you out your Chucks or Timbos
B*t*hes love to relax and watch how i perform
Hear my voice on a track and they kitty cat get warm
No I’m not animated homie I’m real official real n***a I ain’t the type thats artificial
Across the globe I’m a rhyme slayer
Connecting with the ma**es a smooth operator
Its the JAY Roc spit like a semi
Automatic serving compet**ion look its a habit
I’m dissing anyone who appose this god MC
I’m a nightmare on any street
These lames think they so high but they so not
They lines don’t even fit they profile
I think yo a** don’t wanna compete with the terminator
Exterminatin’ sucker MC’s
I’ll expose you hoes with flows I’m fire and great enough to disable your ghost writer
When I do it I do it with much flavor, Jay motherf**kin’ rock I’m a smooth operator

[Verse 2: Gla**es Malone]
Blue Bent baby blue tint baby
G got g that’ll drive a b*t*h crazy
G got heat that’ll crash n***as laces
Been a cold young n***a since my OG Laced me
OG’s faced me, got her reminiscin’ of days back when
They was popping’ them ignitions
K’s Mac 10 smoke like emissions
In the field I trip, you kids need permission
Its GuttaVille homie, we the hardest believe
Get deals f**k a mill off on charges and weed
Got a loaded 50 cal case I gotta pop a hater
Ask your b*t*h I’m such a smooth operator