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"Cut Me a Break"

[Intro: T.I.]
Yeah, uh
Trust me
For real

[Verse: T.I.]
I play dumb, n*ggas play tough
See straight through they makeup
Man, the sh*t you kickin', you just made up
I'm the truth, and that's what they afraid of
In the Caribbean somewhere laid up
On the phone with my n*gga, tell him, "Press 'em 'til they paid up"
I'm a go-getter, n*gga, being down never fazed us
Used to get it off the RAZR
I'm a pioneer in the A, sir
Don't be fooled by this blazer
Send lasers to hater, yeah
Get dough or D-I-E, I'm still 'bout my paper, yeah
Trap music, T.I.P, where I'm from, I'm like B.I.G., huh
Number one, running up the millions
Show you how to flip a brick and buy a building
Check a f*ck n*gga and still raise your children
For real, when you get to thinking about it
Man, all the years I've been at it
I got multiple classics, legendary my status
Like I got "Thug Life" tatted on my inside
I cannot lose, b*tch, I'm rich, I could've been died
K-I-N-G, I don't see 'em, boy, your chances slim
Doing something to him, you better run up on them
Get your soul foreclosed, leave your body condemned
You know n*ggas like you start dying this time of year
Run with Free National, capital letter, fresh out the avenue better
We gon' come after you like a show when I'm headlining
How could I not pass you? Laughing at you as I'm redlining
Take it how it come, fifty million or fed time
I'm lookin', I'm ahead now, right now, get 'em dead straight
Drive-bys in broad day, yeah, that's what they all say
A true trap n*gga yelling, "f*ck what they all say"
Came so far from the CITGO, in front of the 'partment
Avoiding the kick door from the police department
Take you serious is hard when you 'posed to be hard, man
Built your image off it, and all your stories is augmented
n*gga on God, you're garbage, f*ck n*gga

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