Styles of Beyond
The Valley Skit
[Alex 2Tone]
Yeah the album's over, yeah that's right
Yeah I'm fucking smoothing out on this shit, what
Yes, West Coast
Yes, Los Angeles
Tell me something I don't know bitch, biatch

Make 'em say uh nah nah nah nah
Make 'em say uh nah nah nah nah

The Valley
It's a strange, beautiful place
You might find your dreams and you might find your nightmares
But you can always find a big-ass burger, in the Valley
Everybody smokes, in the Valley
Sometimes people mistake their Star Wars DVDs for the Bible, in the Valley
Being gay is illegal in the Valley, but being rad is highly encouraged
Where crystal meth is the same thing as NutraSweet, delicious, in the Valley

Shredded abs, jean shorts, the Valley
Rape is considered foreplay, in the Valley
You can marry your own balls, in the Valley
You can buy a car that looks exactly like an Uzi, in the Valley
People shop at John's not Vons, in the Valley
The only place in America where all the lawyers are cholos, the Valley
No silicone here, just big-ass tits, in the Valley
People got matching kicks for their bathrobes
Wear monocles for no reason
And make their friends just like pirates
And go to tropical islands
In the Valley

A helicopter has never flown over the Valley, ever, in history
Six kids, no job and a tank-top, welcome to luxury presidential style, in the Valley
You ever surf Reseda Beach, my way of the Valley?
The waves are humongous bro, the raddest shit ever
If you wanna get radical and get totally awesome, go to the Valley
Dude, if you wanna shred at life, start in the Valley
Reseda Beach, locals only, the Valley

I'mma keep going
And I wondered why, do we occupy the same space
Get in my face, get your face in my face