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"Be Kind"

Overly hated and under estimated
Overly optimistic never faded and under rated

Just be, just begin, don't worry bout the end
Just be here, be now, be a friend, be present not pretend
Be loving, be open, be vulnerable, be free in the ocean
Be outspoken, be you, be authentic, be unrestrained emotion
Be bird, be eagle, be falcon, be vulture
Be words, be equal, be malcolm in the pulpit
Be powerful, be humble, be humility, be demanding
Be knowledge, be wisdom, be deep, be understanding
Be respectful, be there, be here now, be listening
Be caring, be sharing, be giving, be empathy
Be in control, be consistent, be music, be a symphony
Be a harp, be a clarinet, be a violin, be a timpani
Be ego free, be forgiving, be beautiful, be unusual
Be positive cause tomorrow could very well be your funeral
Be third eye open, be purple crown mind
Be genuine but most of all be kind

Man everybody’s out here being all p*ssed off and sh*t
All you gotta do is be kind, how hard is that you motherf*ckers
Be Kind

Be conscious, listen to the earth with your stethoscope
Be woke, not fake woke, consume in a way that is ethical
Be sober, be poison free, be drunk off of inspiration
Be failure, be unstoppable with determination
Be grateful, you're 1 in 400 trillion be elated
Be love supreme, be limitless, be boundless, be creative
Be brave, brave enough to cry
Be brave enough to fail, to try another try
Be interactive, be engaging, be into it, be passionate
Be all in, be focused, be enthusiastic
Be honest, be active, be militant, be healthy
Be modest, know the difference between greed and wealthy
Be your best, be a success but most of all be blessed
Be gracious, no regrets, be ready for death
Be stubborn for your goals, but have an open mind
Be genuine but most of all be kind

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