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"Brand New Day"

[Intro: Unk]
Yo... so that's how it goes down (yo)
When I'm beat'n down yo' block (I hear you shorty)
Ay this for all the haters
E'rybody who didn't think I was gon' make it, y'knahmtalkinbout
(All y'all haters) E'rybody who was down with me
All my friends, all my family
From hood to hood, from my hood to yo' hood
A-Town stand up, yo it's a brand new day
We gettin new money my n*gga, check me out

[overlapping Intro]
Yo, hey, hey, hey, hey

[Chorus: Unk]
Hey, hey~! Okay now here we go
Swevin on 24's, blowin on plenty 'dro
Hey, hey, I came and stole the show
They thought thet I would blow, and now I get dough
Every - day, day, I'm on the radio
I got that killer flow, now everybody know
My - name, name, name
Hey, hey, hey, hey

Nobody in they life, thought I'd go this far
My momma kept her faith so I pursued as a star
Now what I say be real, my whole life now has changed
It's money to the bank, my lil' girl got everythang
And now we movin up (up) like Weezy and George
I might of spent some sh*t, I used to couldn't afford
And yes I rock it all, dedications to my dawgs
And all my friends who stayed down wit'cha boy man this for y'all
I let the people see (see) how it can be done (done)
They watchin end up scopin interceptions so I run
Now stay up on yo' grind, that's what the big man say
I told that as advice, I'm shinin everyday
Now they hear my name like wait (wait) I know that's DJ Unk
They feel me in they speakers, I'm bumpin in they trunk
I'm beatin down yo' block, keep you bouncin in yo' seat
Top quality my sound, DJ Montay on the beat
DJ Montay on the beat


I'm DJ Unk be cool, be calm and copacetic
These n*ggas out here flexin, I told them they ain't ready
Now what's the competition, they squares just like frames
I barely here they songs, I barely here they names
And I hold my head up high, blowin kisses to the sky
R.I.P. Grandma Bell, love you Grandma ain't forgot
n*gga now the world's gon' see (hey) how it's supposed to go (hey)
If ten was at the table (table) five had to go (go)
And that's just how it go (go) I soaked up all the game (game)
We brought it to the world, Big Oomp baby do yo' thang
Got diamonds on my neck, the neck match the ear
The ear match the watch, the watch match the gear
And this'll be my year, Big Oomp we let 'em burn
Put that in yo' blunt and smoke it, you live and you learn
Now straight you like a perm, I'm so strong as a bell
When my Uncle Walt come home we throwin fo's in the air
Throwin fo's everywere


You see I'm on a mission, success is how it happens
Yo' boy at Fredrick Doug', I soon well saw what's happenin
Before there's fingers snappin, you see I paid my dues
Every flier that you seen, DJ Unk on 1's and 2's
Two thousand is my crew, just a lil' bit of my past
Now see he put me on, Big Oomp I meet at last
Admit it it's a blast, I met up with the camp
Now go on and bring it back, I got the heart of a champ
These n*ggas say they vets, they only gettin slimmer
They lookin good for breakfast, I ate them up for dinner
I shoots them in they center, put some holes in your tummy
I came through bein hard, n*ggas froze like the money
Then money started comin, the hoes started shakin
The collar got to poppin, the haters start hatin
Some be congratulatin, I looks 'em dead in they eye
DJ Unk, Southern style, Big Oomp Records let it ride
Big Oomp Records let it ride

[Chorus] - 2X

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