Straight Drop
I keep that drop for the low-low, weigh it ship it out the do'
Stuff 'em into {?} stashed around the 24
Hit the road, hit the flows, bend that in a minivan
TV cameras in the dash, money wrapped in rubber bands
Flipped a couple grand, straight dropped it on a watch
Diamond bezel, 30 karats, just a kid from the block
Oh my God, there he go, calm me down I need a fan
Big Oomp rappers see my chain, and DJ Mike say he ain't playin
Straight drop lookin breezy, got you hoes lookin cheesy
DJ Oomp, {?}, straight drop I'm off the heezy
Eyes shifty, try to creep me, got that heat, right beneath me
Straight drop, Oomp Camp, black tint, you can't see me

Whassup Big Allen, we got your back
Straight from the A-Town, Big Oomp Records
DJ Jelly, DJ Montae, straight drop

Yeahhhh, we just drop n***a
Yeahhhh, straight drop n***a
Straight drop n***a - yeah, straight drop n***a - yeah
Straight drop n***a - what? Straight drop n***a - what?

{*"Oomp Camp nuts" scratched*}